Lakeshore’s Park Concert Series Begins Today with a Bang

The Municipality of Lakeshore is all set to kick off its much-awaited Friday Night Summer Concert Series, starting this evening. Residents, families, and friends are invited to gather at Leffler Park for an evening of music, community, and fun, as the Park Concert Series returns with a lineup of exciting events.

Building on the tremendous success of last year’s Series, Lakeshore is set to bring back this musical extravaganza with a total of seven events spread throughout the summer months. The series aims to provide a platform for local talents and to create a space where the community can come together to enjoy the warm weather and captivating tunes.

The anticipation is high for tonight’s opening performance by the duo “Olden Younge,” known for their soothing blend of oldies and easy-listening melodies. As the sun sets, Leffler Park will come alive with their guitar and piano magic.

Throughout the summer, Lakeshore residents and visitors can look forward to an array of musical experiences, including performances by notable bands such as the Twisted Sisters, Midlife Jazz, and the Dave Gatt Band. The variety in musical styles promises something for everyone, ensuring that each Friday night holds a unique and enjoyable experience.

Frank Jeney, the Acting Corporate Leader of Community Services for the Municipality of Lakeshore, shares some valuable tips for concert-goers. He advises bringing essentials like water, blankets, chairs, and insect repellent to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable evening. He also highlights the availability of shaded areas in the park, allowing attendees to take respite from the sun under the natural trees or pavilions.

Jeney expresses his enthusiasm for the diverse lineup of local bands. He says, “We have a great slate of local bands, we’re very excited to have them all.” The range of performers promises to create a lively atmosphere that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Lakeshore.

Beyond the musical entertainment, the Park Concert Series holds a deeper significance for the Lakeshore community. Jeney underscores the Series as an avenue for residents to engage with their local parks in a new and dynamic way. “We’re just excited to give a free concert on Friday nights to those people,” he shares, emphasizing the sense of community and togetherness that these events foster.

Tonight’s concert will take place at Leffler Park, located at 405 Old Tecumseh Road, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. As the sun sets and the music fills the air, attendees are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs, blankets, and insect repellent, ensuring a comfortable experience even in the warm summer weather. The Park Concert Series is set to continue through the season, culminating in a final performance on August 25.

With the promise of captivating performances and a strong sense of community, Lakeshore’s Park Concert Series is ready to usher in a summer filled with music, camaraderie, and memories that will resonate long after the final notes have faded away.

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