Narendra Modi’s Healthy Lifestyle Habits: Secrets to Staying Fit at 72


Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, is not only known for his political acumen but also for his commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As he celebrates his 72nd birthday, it’s worth exploring the five healthy habits that he swears by. Balancing the demands of being the leader of the world’s largest democracy with personal well-being is undoubtedly a challenging task. However, Modi’s dedication to holistic wellness serves as an inspiration to many. Let’s delve into the practices that contribute to his physical and mental fitness.

1. Yoga: The Cornerstone of Modi’s Wellness Regimen

Yoga has been an integral part of Narendra Modi’s life for years, and he often credits this ancient practice for his well-being. In March 2020, during the onset of the global Covid pandemic, Modi tweeted, “Practising Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial.” Yoga’s profound impact on physical flexibility, mental clarity, and stress reduction is well-documented. Modi’s endorsement of yoga as a stress-relieving tool highlights its universal appeal as a holistic wellness practice.

2. Ayurveda: Embracing India’s Traditional Wisdom

Narendra Modi is not only a yoga enthusiast but also a strong advocate of Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of natural medicine. He firmly believes that the world will recognize the value of Ayurveda, especially after embracing yoga. Modi’s emphasis on the scientific explanation of Ayurvedic principles underscores his belief in merging traditional wisdom with contemporary understanding. He encourages the younger generation to take the lead in promoting Ayurveda globally, aligning with the present-day trend towards holistic health.

3. Home Remedies: Trusting Time-Tested Solutions

In a world dominated by modern medicine, Modi’s reliance on age-old home remedies for common ailments is refreshing. His approach to treating a cold by consuming hot water and fasting showcases his belief in the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Moreover, his consistent advocacy for traditional home remedies resonates with India’s cultural heritage and taps into the wisdom passed down through generations. This stance not only promotes self-care but also emphasizes the importance of simplicity in maintaining good health.


4. Morning Exercise Routine: Nature’s Influence

Modi’s morning exercise routine is uniquely inspired by the five elements of nature—Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), and Aakash (Ether). This routine involves breathing exercises and walking on a track representing these elements. This practice not only aligns with his reverence for nature but also infuses his routine with a sense of mindfulness. By integrating the elements into his exercise, Modi showcases his holistic approach to fitness that transcends the physical realm.

5. Balanced Diet: Nourishing the Body

A vital aspect of Narendra Modi’s healthy lifestyle is his dietary choices. He starts his day with a nutritious breakfast that usually includes poha (flattened rice) and ginger tea. As a staunch vegetarian, his diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, and traditional Indian dishes. His preference for regional cuisines such as South Indian and Gujarati reflects his appreciation for the diverse culinary heritage of India. This approach not only sustains his physical well-being but also connects him with his cultural roots.

6. Discipline: The Foundation of Modi’s Success

Behind Narendra Modi’s healthy lifestyle lies a deep sense of discipline that has been pivotal in his journey to becoming the Prime Minister of India. Discipline is the bedrock of his daily routine, enabling him to effectively manage the demands of his challenging role. From waking up early to adhering to a well-structured schedule, Modi’s disciplined approach is reflected in every facet of his life. This unwavering commitment to a structured routine not only supports his physical health but also cultivates mental resilience, allowing him to navigate complex issues with a clear and focused mind.

7. Prioritizing Proper Sleep: A Pillar of Well-Being

In the midst of a bustling political career, Narendra Modi recognizes the importance of adequate sleep for overall well-being. Despite his demanding schedule, he prioritizes getting enough rest to ensure optimal cognitive function and emotional balance. Sleep is a critical aspect of a healthy lifestyle, impacting physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability. Modi’s dedication to maintaining a consistent sleep schedule underscores his understanding that quality sleep is essential for effectively tackling the challenges of his role and maintaining his vitality.


Narendra Modi’s commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite the demands of his role as the Prime Minister of India is commendable. His incorporation of yoga, Ayurveda, home remedies, nature-inspired exercise, and a balanced diet showcases a holistic approach to wellness. These habits resonate with both tradition and modernity, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary health practices. Modi’s journey serves as a reminder that even in the most demanding roles, prioritizing one’s well-being can lead to enhanced physical and mental resilience. As he celebrates his 72nd birthday, his healthy lifestyle habits continue to inspire individuals worldwide to adopt a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

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